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Here is a small selection of recently commissioned jewerly pieces by Kim. You can also see drawings and tools. If you would like an information sheet on commissioning work from Kim, please email us at kim (at) khsilversmith.com or you can read the information below.



 silver moon phase brooches  rock used for moon texture   drawing of tomato pendant  18k gold ring with rock texture  large carnelian pendant with silver and gold  white and yellow gold double ring set with yellow and white diamonds


Everything you wanted to know about commissions (but were afraid to ask)


Have you considered commissioning an original piece of jewelry or silver ware? Did you know this is the bulk of the work that I do?  Often clients want to know if they can have a stone taken out of a piece of jewelry they don't wear or use one they acquired to have a piece made. The answer is YES! This is one of my favorite things to do. I have had clients give me pearls, diamonds, sapphires, rock crystal, obsidian to name a few. Maybe you want to honor a special anniversary or birthday. Here is a general break down of how the process works (with or without stones!).


(1) You make an appointment to meet with me (or we can do this via FaceTime/Zoom or over the phone); I ask a lot of questions - your budget, type of metal(s) you prefer, if you want stones, deadline, etc. and I take measurements as necessary

(2) I draw up a few designs for you to consider and give estimates with each design

(3) You pick a design (or agree to amend something) and we confirm a deadline and price for the work to be completed; a 50% deposit is usually required for work in gold, if you are a new customer or the commission is over $1000.

(4)  Finally, I present you with the piece and you are thrilled! You successfully commissioned an original work of art.


 Some key things to remember are:

  • it’s helpful to have an idea of what you want; bring along images or sketches – if you aren’t quite sure I have a few tricks up my sleeve to tease this out of you.
  • most of my commissions are inspired by the work I already do; if I feel what you want is not a good fit, chances are I will know someone who is!
  • have a budget or budget range in mind
  • don't be afraid to ask questions – no questions are ‘stupid’
  • GIVE A DEADLINE (I say this with a smile on my face because, well, let’s just say if you don't give a deadline, things can get interesting)
  • Kim LOVES commissions! My clients are so inspiring!


If you still have questions or want to do something out of the box (remember, I made three cat urns with the ashes inside!) I can’t wait to hear from you. Another thing to consider is if you have some metalsmithing skills and you want to make a piece with me, let’s talk!