Caring for your Jewelry

Where there is a high polish finish, please feel free to use a polishing cloth followed by a quick cleaning with mild dish washing liquid using a soft, clean cloth of natural fiber. When a whitish finish is present, this will eventually wear off to reveal the natural shine of the metal as opposed to a machine finish. You may use a polishing cloth as directed previously (this will make the surface shiny) or a ‘silver dip’ product such as Tarn-X®. Be sure to read the instructions and DO NOT let porous gemstones such as opal, turquoise, howlite, etc. come in contact with the chemical. Use a cotton swab or ball to apply the tarnish remover rather than dunking the piece into a bowl of the remover.

This article shares information about an environmentally safe way to clean your silver without using the silver cloth or the chemical dips.

If there is oxidization as part of the original design, this too, will change over time due to how much the piece is worn, touched and how it is stored. We encourage you to connect with us for how to restore your piece if you prefer it in its original state.

We strongly advice against wearing your jewelry while sleeping, swimming and bathing. Additionally, your pieces should be kept away from strong or direct light and humidity and ideally worn regularly or stored in a good jewelry box.